Humanising your automation experience

Our approach

At human+ we work with you to leverage digital process automation tools to enable your people and your business to achieve more. And your customer experience to thrive.

The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (IA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives you incremental value over time. By removing mundane, repetitive tasks you free up the capacity of your people to achieve short and long term goals.

You'll see outputs go up, enhanced customer experience and new products or services be developed as your people have increased capacity to focus on what really matters.

The difference we make

We put people at the centre of automation adoption through:

  • Engaging and educating your workforce

    In our experience it makes sense to start small. By simply automating just one or a handful of carefully chosen processes, you can quickly implement, iterate and improve your approach so your people learn as they go. Meanwhile you can take the learnings from your initial investment to help define your longer term automation plans and design your own Centre of Excellence.

  • Providing a holistic view

    Using our extensive experience of delivering growth and business transformation at our sister company Bene Agere in the Nordics, means we understand how automation fits within your wider strategy. By working closely with you, we’ll create an automation strategy and business case to help you secure the buy in you need and get your automation plans in place as quickly as possible.

  • Ethical Automation

    It’s our strong belief that with the development of any technology, comes a responsibility to support those whose jobs may be impacted by its adoption. And Robotic Process Automation is no different. We’re keen to discuss your workforce plan for the short and long term, how we can help develop the RPA skills required to manage your automation technology and enable and train your people for the future.

Our services

All three services are designed to deliver a successful Robotic Process Automation experience.

  • Consultancy

    Whether it’s creating the business case to help you educate your people and secure funding; identifying and analysing the most suitable processes for automation; or advising on the right technology fit, our agile methodology means we deliver in a rapid and iterative way. 

  • Implementation

    Our Accelerated Implementation plan is designed to get you up and running and delivering results and return on investment quickly. It includes process analysis, design and build - all with documented plans. And supported with a comprehensive employee engagement plan.

  • Ongoing support

    Through our RPA-as-a-Service model you can access a number of options and levels of ongoing support. From providing technical support for the software and/or infrastructure, to acting as your Centre of Excellence, you can subscribe to the service which suits you.

Technology partners

When working with human+, you have access to the top global Robotic Process Automation technology providers. We’ll help you pick the one that suits your organisation, situation and needs the best.

  • blue prism
    blue prism

  • thoughtonomy

  • uipath

About us

We’re a part of The Panoply, a world-class group of creative technology companies, helping organisations redesign today and invent tomorrow. human+ are currently supporting organisations in the UK and the Nordics, as well as internationally.

As part of The Panoply, human+ are partners with the Norway-based management consultancy Bene Agere with expertise on strategy, business transformation and implementation. Bene Agere guides businesses on their dual transformation journey and has an outstanding track record of enabling businesses from strategy to results since 2005.

The team

  • Geir Ødegård

    Geir heads up human+ in the Nordics. He has 15 years’ experience in management consultancy focusing on strategy and business transformation. When it comes to automation he focuses on the bigger picture, your customers and your business journey; and seeing how and when RPA, IA and AI fit. Geir is passionate about helping businesses thrive, has a pragmatic approach and speaks a non-technical language.

  • David Biden

    David has been advising organisations on how to practically apply modern technologies to their business for many years. His passion now lies in helping complex organisations unlock the full potential of their own people through the use of Robotic Process Automation, while improving the lives of the citizens and customers they support.

  • Ciara MacCooey

    As our Chief Operating Officer Ciara uses her years of experience of delivering digital, operational and commercial solutions into complex and challenging service-led environments. She has an infectious passion for helping organisations flourish by unlocking the benefits of a digital workforce. Her natural ability to engage with stakeholders at all levels brings transformational results.

  • Oliver Cook

    Oliver is an Automation Consultant focusing on improving engagement with citizens through an improved customer service experience. In recent work with the Greater London Authority he has improved their business processes through the introduction of agile and user-centred design methods.

  • Grant Grobler

    Grant is a Senior RPA Consultant with a career specialising in the implementation of Robotic Process Automation. He combines his technical expertise and broad experience to deliver automation that aims to compliment and enhance existing human effort.

  • Sacha Rook

    As an ex-public sector CTO, Sacha uses his extensive digital first approach to help organisations adopt the latest technologies. In his role as Non-Executive Director and as one of the co founders of The Panoply and TPX Notbinary, Sacha will support the leadership to scale Human+ in response to customer demands.

  • James Herbert

    Civil Servant turned entrepreneur, James has successfully founded a number of businesses all of which seek to use modern technology and digital techniques to improve public service delivery. A founding member of The Panoply and CEO of TPX Notbinary James will support the Human+ leadership team across sales and people operations.

  • Honor Paddock

    Responsible for directing and managing the public image of human+, as well as all elements of internal and external communications, Honor heads up everything marcomms related.

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